GhostGains personal gym

What our clients say?

I have been signed up with Harps at GhostGains since September. As a reluctant exerciser and anxious about my ability for many years, but recognising that I needed help to improve my stamina, balance and strength, I have been working with Harps' friendly and knowledgeable encouragement since and feel that I have benefited enormously. His studio gym is well equipped and I really feel that Harps manages and plans my personal training to my needs and really cares about my general well being. - Mary (Derby)
"GhostGains adapted to the pressures of my diary to fit in with my busy schedule. I would unreservedly recommend GhostGains for their professionalism, dedication and sense of fun.

Their studio is well equipped for any gym goers needs, which enables us to carry out a huge variation of exercises." - Sophia (Derby)
"He's made me realise the importance in mastering the form of each exercise. Since understanding this I have seen significant changes in my physique.

I have also noticed that my confidence has grown and I have found this to be a great way to relieve stress." - Manni (Derby)

"I booked 10 sessions with Harps before Xmas and found the workouts not only to be well structured but were also very responsive to my needs and tailored to fit. Lifted me mentally through feedback and encouragement as well as an incredible difference physically too. I'm now in the middle of my next 10
A tonic!" - Robin (Glasgow)
“Harps is for me the go to guy for great personal training. For 4 months he has helped me achieve a better fitness and physique that I could have imagine. I feel that we are a good team out to achieve the best I can be. He is so very attentive and encouraging ensuring good form and progress always along with good levels of personal safety. Workouts are varied and enjoyable and something I really look forward to. I even now enjoy the plank!“ - Terry (Huddersfield)
"Harps took notice of my aims which were to maintain overall fitness & improve tightness of abs and core as well as strengthen then the legs & arms. The sessions of three times per week were well targeted & constructed to enable me to follow them up between times. I feel in time I have made large amounts of progress in terms muscle definition & development." - Jon (Ipswich)
I met Harps late last year when looking for an on line PT during lockdown as I tend to lack motivation if training alone.  What a great find.

We discussed my requirements signed all the necessary paperwork and started our sessions. I currently have two sessions per week. Harps puts the sessions in my iPhone calendar and sends me the zoom invites prior to starting. Sessions start on time and last the full hour. We undertake a range of exercises focusing on abs, chest arms and legs.

Harps is very professional and fully explains and demonstrates the exercises before I commence and is very conscious that the exercises are done properly to avoid any unnecessary injuries. During the sessions we always find time for a quick chat and have a laugh about things and the sessions are really enjoyable. I would highly recommend him as a PT to achieve your goals. - Tim (Portsmouth)
"I have been training virtually with GhostGains for several months now. I was working out on my own but not putting much effort into my routine. Now with this training I look forward to my workouts and have made a commitment to exercise daily. I am so pleased with the results! I am learning new things in each session with my patient and inspirational trainer. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in improving their physique and getting on the right fitness path." - George (US)
GhostGains was introduced to me via a friend following from this discussion I got in touch with Harps and mentioned the objectives I’d like to achieve, both mentally & physically.  

I’m living in Germany, so Harps proposed to carry out the personal training virtually via Zoom. Since Saturday the 2nd January 21 we are repeating the work out sessions on a weekly base. The rest of the week I’m training on my own using on the personalized program which Harps developed. During our Zoom meetings Harps is monitoring and supervising me very precisely staying in his studio (GhostGains), while I’m exercising at home. I really enjoy these sessions which became an integral part of my everyday life. Always in a good mood Harps is extremely able to motivate.

Due to his sensitive nature he understands extraordinary well how to set up a personal training course. Already two months after the beginning of the training my wife discovered changes of my body shape: "You are getting real biceps and abdominal muscles!“. It seems realistic that I should change the size of my polo shirts from S to M sometimes. Hoping being able to visit Harps in the future, I’ll see his GhostGains Studio for sure as well. - Peter (Germany)